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加拿大会计论文代写: Comparison Of Financial And Management Accounting

加拿大会计论文代写: Comparison Of Financial And Management Accounting

Development of financial and management accounting

As the management accounting has no unique “accounting” methodology, and in the existing method, it looks messy, which result in there is no way for the general promotion, so it must innovate based on the methodology. Innovation and imitation mean that new ideas and methods are injected during the mimic process. For this reason, the priority of promotion of management accounting is to allow enterprises’ managers to try to imitate application management accounting methods, in order to form the management accounting application environment. Should China develop management accounting standards? This is one discussion during the October 1999 Chinese Accounting Society, Management Accounting and Applications Symposium. There are three views at the meeting: one agreed that it should be carried at once; the other said that timing was not coming; another argued that it was not necessary. But participants all agreed that the management accounting guidance and norms is necessary, because management accounting workers should be correctly guided.

We can not predict the future development of management accounting details ahead of a specific trend, but we think that the future will arise in the internationalization of management accounting, strategy-based and behavior-oriented trends. International Management Accounting, Strategic Management Accounting and Behavioral Accounting may represent the future direction of development of management accounting.

A large number of valuable accounting information such as human resources, intellectual capital, intellectual property rights could not be confirmed in the table, one of the main reason is that financial accounting can not choose the appropriate measurement attribute for these items. Even though some intangible assets in the current financial statements were confirmed, but not always reflect the true value of these intangible assets and are unable to deliver to investors the decision-making can lead to differences in accounting information. Possible development of financial accounting measurement reflected:

Gradually shift from the cost of measuring value measurement.

The current financial accounting measurement generally reflects the cost of light value as the most important characteristics. Historical cost can be put into measuring the level of assets, but can not reveal the real economic assets – the future economic benefits, especially in the soft assets. This defect led to a serious departure between the market value of companies and its book value. As investors become increasingly aware that the enterprise’s operating results have tentativeness. The balance sheet has an increasingly prominent position of the financial statements Balance sheet items will ensure a clean surplus and improve the information content of profit – the emergence of a comprehensive income statement can be seen as a signal that the cost measurement change into value measurement.

Recognition and Measurement will be more focused on the reflecting economic reality.

At present, the enterprise management authorities tend to control the use of their right to choose accounting policies, smooth operating performance of enterprises, and create the illusion of a stable development of enterprises. In other words, smooth false to cover up the “the truth of volatility. Financial accounting recognition and measurement should focus on the real picture of economic activity, faithfully reflect the company’s financial position and operating results, neither advance nor delay; no provision for excess accident prevention preparedness, non-recognition of deferred losses (Levitt, 1998). Of course, this requires high-quality accounting standards to regulate.

Problems of integration of financial accounting and management accounting

Financial accounting and management accounting have data communication problems. Financial accounting always provide information by tending to calculate the daily accounting based on manufacturing costs, which can’t match the changing cost information which the management accounting required for. It increases the workload of the accounting staff.

Financial accounting and management accounting inconsist in identification

The current financial accounting is basically to recognize at an accrual basis, while management accounting use cash-based system to recognize, which makes lack of uniformity between financial accounting and management accounting.

Financial accounting and management accounting inconsiste in investment project evaluation and assessment incompatible problems.

Management accounting recognizes the cost and measures the cost. The existing financial accounting only recognizes and measures the cost of debt capital. This difference will lead to incompatible efficiency of investment projects evaluation and assessment of investment projects efficiency in the use.

Solutions of integration of financial accounting and management accounting

In order to make financial accounting and management accounting coordinate and integrate, also promote the scientific development of accounting, following approach should be taken:

In the daily financial accounting using change cost method to make it easier for financial accounting and management accounting to interface.

Strengthen the theoretical basis. Accounting Control includes both the existing management accounting and current financial accounting. A complete theoretical system of accounting management can be formed only though the integration of financial accounting and management accounting of these two subsystems. So that accounting will play a better role in economic management.

Confirming the establishment of a new financial accounting basis and a variety of measurement model. One is to coordinate the financial accounting and management accounting to confirm the basis of accounting, the other is to make financial accounting and management accounting coordination and communication.

Strengthen accounting education and improve the quality of accounting personnel, in cultivating talents. So that integration of financial accounting and management accounting system can adapt to social development, in order to serve the enterprises and society better.


The financial accounting is external, while the management accounting is internal seems to have become theorists and practitioners consensus. This view is not only conducive for accounting to play the role of functions, but also hindered the development of accounting theory. Fundamentally speaking, the accounting system was developed by financial accounting and management accounting. It is the core of enterprise management system subsystems. As China’s accession to the WTO, the domestic enterprises – only need a broader international perspective through competition, survival, and development. In this process, the use of scientific management of the economy means to enhance enterprise’s core competitiveness. It will be the inevitable trend of development. So we have to integrate financial accounting and management accounting and change better to serve the enterprise.