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According Toyota expertise in automobile manufacturing and Toyota’s strong desire to pursue new challenges we are venturing out new opportunities in the business arena. Automobile manufacturing was just another new business offshoot of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. The visionary founder of the company, Kiichiro Toyoda, strongly believed in the coming age of the automobile, and it is no exaggeration to say that his resolute pursuit of that dream helped build the Toyota we know today. The development of new businesses has become one of the most important tasks for corporations seeking to maintain growth. For some time, we have been venturing beyond automobile manufacturing and developing businesses in fields such as housing, financial activities, and communications. The technology Toyota developed in auto manufacturing to enter growing fields related to automobiles. Then, as demand started to increase for new personal mobility technology, we entered the marine and aerospace fields. Now, Toyota are focusing our efforts on business fields that are expected to experience rapid growth in the 21st century, such as biotechnology and a forestation, environment and energy, high-tech fields, etc. The technology created and handed down to us by our predecessors and our strong desire to pursue new challenges drive us to develop new businesses that can respond quickly to the needs of society and the environment. This is how Toyota makes contributions to today’s world.


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