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埃莉诺,她的姐妹和母亲发现自己家里没有男人。亨利。达什伍德死后,误入歧途的儿子约翰继承了达什伍德庄园的大部分财产,让他的姐妹和继母几乎一无所有。作为时代的反映,奥斯丁向读者展示了她对信实的女性对家庭男性的蔑视。这产业并没有留给三个女儿或他的遗孀;亨利·达什伍德(Henry Dashwood)选择把所有的东西都留给他唯一的儿子,这是男权英语世纪的证明。约翰。达什伍德的头脑迟钝,一个金钱上的傻瓜并没有使他失去继承父亲财产的资格。更令人担忧的是,达什伍德姐妹的自然完整和他们发现自己的孤立状态;社会没有干预达什伍德遗产的不公平。奥斯汀向读者展示了一个简单的事实:女人可以依靠任何人来维持自己。爱德华与露西·斯蒂尔(Lucy Steele)的秘密订婚,这是约翰·达什伍德(John Dashwood)的黄金挖掘女搭档,充其量也是模棱两可的。爱德华的母亲威胁说要剥夺他的继承权,并在得知他与露西订婚的消息后,将他的继承权从他的继承权中写了出来,把一切都留给了他的弟弟罗伯特。在埃丽诺最初的困境中,爱德华正面临着对他的兄弟姐妹失去一切权利的挑战。然后,爱德华利用这种情况,承认他母亲的遗嘱是为了保持财务稳定,而埃丽诺却无法继续这样做。这也反映了父权制的不公平现象,反映了社会平等的女权主义事业。


Elinor, her sisters, and mother find themselves without a male in the house. Following Henry Dashwood’s death, the errant son John inherits the bulk of the Dashwood estate and leaves his sisters and stepmother with almost nothing. A reflection of the times, Austen shows the reader her disdain for the reliance women have on the men of their families. The estate was not left to the three daughters or his widow; Henry Dashwood instead opted to leave everything to his only son, a testament to the patriarchal English century. That John Dashwood was feeble-minded and a money-grubbing fool did not disqualify him from inheriting his father’s estate. More alarming are the Dashwood sisters’ natural integrity and the isolated state in which they found themselves; society did not intervene in the unfairness of the Dashwood inheritance. Austen shows the reader through this simple truth that women can depend on no one to maintain themselves.The circumstances facing Edward’s secret engagement to Lucy Steele, the gold-digging female counterpart of John Dashwood, are ambiguous at best. Edward’s mother threatened to disown him and write him out of his rightful inheritance upon hearing of his engagement to Lucy, therein leaving everything to his younger brother Robert. Mirroring Elinor’s initial predicament, Edward is faced with losing everything unrightfully to his sibling. Edward, then, takes advantage of the situation and concedes to his mother’s will in order to remain financially stable, a measure Elinor was unable to pursue. This is another indication of the inequities of patriarchy, a reflection of the feminist cause of social equality.


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