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教育论文代写 Importance Of Study With Respect To The World

教育论文代写 Importance Of Study With Respect To The World

1.4 Importance of the study with respect to Pakistan

As discussed earlier, the Pakistan’s educational system has always been criticized for the low quality educational management and there is a need for more accountability.

1.4.1 Failure in Exams & Low Quality Education: From 1947-2003 Pakistan had no university that could be ranked world class (Hamid, 2010). Moreover, the high- percentage of failures in exams points towards three things either inefficient teacher, wrong teaching method or the student himself. In a survey it was found that 87% of respondents believe that teachers show lack of interest in their duties, 67% are of the view that they are responsible for students failures and so on (Jilani, 1968). Educational institutes can only control the first two factors i.e. teachers or teaching method.

1.4.2 Benefit of Research: This research will give an insight into what students feel and the obstacles they face in stating the true situation. The in depth study of biases can help educational institutes see that what lacks behind and how can they make it better; it will help then in using the SET results with caution; even faculty members can benefit by knowing the students view and taking precautions to avoid negative things if any. Moreover, administrators can train the students in how to avoid these biases by assuring them that it’s for their own well-being. Since, eventually it’s the students who will benefit from the good quality education that efficient teachers deliver and they will be contented that their money has paid them off well. This will improve the whole system and even raise the faculty morale as competent & deserving faculty would be identified and promoted. Furthermore, the research will benefit future researchers who are interested or any researcher who wants to find a suitable remedy to the problem i.e. to make the rating more objective.

1.5 Research Question

“An Analysis of the sources of potential bias in faculty evaluations (by students) in the Private Universities of Lahore: CGPA, Weightage given to SETs, Perception of Instructor, Academic level & Maturity and Class Size”

The main focus of the research is on the five sources of bias i.e. CGPA, weightage given to SETs, Perception of the instructor, the academic level and maturity of students, and the class size. An analysis of these sources has been made through a survey questionnaire distributed at the five private universities of Lahore. The use of Student Evaluation of Teaching (SETs) has increased and the process is carried out manually as well as online depending on different universities. It is essential to find out and combat any biases that hide the true picture. It needs to be encouraged as it is a very effective tool of evaluation of faculty but it should also be coupled with other tools of evaluation. Moreover, it is crucial to make the rating system more effective.

教育论文代写 Importance Of Study With Respect To The World