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伦敦论文代写 恐怖主义永远不会打败中国 terrorism will never defeat china

As a controversial issue, whether it’s terrorism that lead to the Malaysian airplane’s missing for days is attracting augmenting attention. With terrorist attack seemingly to go on a rapid rise in China, citizens are getting increasingly anxious. Terrorism, which is abominated by all human beings, poses a disastrous threat to our living condition as well as social stability.

Although we confronted with the unprecedented threaten of riots or terrorist attacks, I am firmly convinced that terrorism will never defeat our country. As for the reasons, the leading factor I take into consideration is that the armed force in China is getting stronger and more solidified, which will protect civilian safety better. The armed forces such as armed police and military troops are bound to ensure the stability of the prosperity of society and economy.

In addition, terrorism is detestable and hated by people all over the world for its characteristic of diverting from humanism. With hatred against terrorism accumulating, we Chinese will consolidate and the cohesion is doomed to be boosted. At the same time, conscientious foreigners can sense the appalling situation as well, who can provide us with encouragement and assistance, enabling us to fight against terrorism confidently.
另外, 恐怖主义被全世界人民所唾弃因为它反人道的性质。当仇视恐怖主义的力量积聚的时候,我们中国人就会更加团结,我们的凝聚力就一定会被提升。与此同时,有良心的外国人也能发现残酷的境况,他们可以给我们提供支持和鼓励,帮助我们更加自信地对抗恐怖主义。

All in all, terrorism is completely the worst kind of behavior in human society, which is doomed to be eradicated from the earth. From my own perspective, terrorism won’t defeat China perpetually.  I advocate that all of our citizens should be encouraged to work together for sake of making us a better living environment against terrorism.

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