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论文翻译 大学生意志力的缺失the lack of willpower for college students

As we all know, college is a place where students can cultivate their professional skills, but more and more students now lose their heart in study. They are addicted to playing computer games or other activities. If the Internet is not turned off, they would rather stay up to play than go to bed. Why this phenomenon gest so common? How really should do to college students?


Maybe I can explain the first question with some reasons. Nowadays, college students are under more pressure from school work and coming employment. On one hand, they should try to pass the tests to get credit; otherwise they can’t get the academic degree. They may be defeated by the challenges or difficulties. They just want to do something exciting to escape the problem what they faced. On the other hand, college life is more flexible. Students could choose various ways to study. If they can’t make good use of time wisely, the result is that they will get lost. Students give up easily and can’t behold on consistently and persistently.


So the most lack to college students is willpower .Just as the old saying goes, “where is a will, where is way.” If college students want to do something perfectly, they should stick to it every day and do not let other things distract their aims. Then they will be a great winner in college and life.