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论文关键词 放松的方式the ways to relax

I will have some annoyance, it is about my study and some pressure from life. When I face the annoyance, I will be very upset and need to let it out. I have my own ways to relax, then I will be full of energy and be happy again. 


The important way for me to relax is to watch movie with my friends. I like to see movie very much, when I see the movie, I will be immerged myself in the movie world. It looks like I am part of the story and I witness all the things happens. It is such amazing for me and I love this feeling, so I will forget about all the annoyance. 


The other way for me to relax is to listen to the music. Music makes me feel easy, every time when I listen to the music, I will wear the microphone and sing with the song. Sometimes I will imagine myself in the video and dance. It sounds crazy but I feel cool.


My ways to relax help me get out of the unhappiness, I think it works for most people.