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论文网 什么是成功? what is success

We are alwaystrying to find the way to success, which stands for power, pride and glory.There have been strings of stories of success I was told since I was a child. Fromthen on, I have been fascinated with being successful.


Whatsuccess? Different people have different opinions towards this question. Tostart with, some people, such as accountants, workers and so on, are longingfor being rich, which allows them buy what they want, and enjoy luxury. Theytreat it as success. Furthermore, some contestants, such as boxers, are alwaystrying their best to defeat their rivals for success. And once they win, theyconfirm that they are stronger than others. The last but not the least, thereare some other people who enjoy helping others. As a good saying goes, theroses in her hand, the flavor in mine. With helping others, we can also feelsatisfactory.


As far as I am concerned,life is short, and we must achieve something during our life. So I regardstriving and working hard important. When comes to we reap what we sow, it’s thetime of success.