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论文英语 Critical Evaluation Of Recruiting Operational Effectiveness

Training and development program

Due to the varying organization cultures and work practices there could be a need of training the new employee. Although this is a function following the recruitment, the interviewers and selectors must have the idea of the amount of time and money that the company is willing to invest on training and development of the employee to enable effective short listing.

Hiring a trainee could be cheaper than actually hiring an experienced person but there would be high initial costs that the company has to bear to train and develop the employee to do their job. There would be long term benefits for the company in the form of well developed employee to take on more responsible job roles within the company without the need to adjust to the cultural change.

Choosing a mix of both Hard and Soft approaches to HRM

Looking at the current HR policies of KSC, the recruitment policies are more focused on the Hard version of HR where candidates are considered as any other source available to the organization which is used to get the maximum benefit for the company. Current policies of pay equity and the importance of ‘parity’, the amount of bureaucracy in the organization structure point towards the existence of Hard form of HRM

A mix of Hard and Soft versions however will enable the HR department to participate even more in the employee development and retention. Employee appraisals and communications with the line managers will be more direct reducing time taken for decision making.

Length of recruitment cycle

KSC has a recruitment cycle of 75 days which can be seen as normal in filling some of the key positions however there should be definition of recruitment cycle for employees of different grades. A lower grade employee can normally be selected in half of the time taken to select the candidate for a higher grade.

Limit on employee reference

At the moment the maximum limit on the number of employees that can be referred to the company is just two. Although this would help create an unbiased business environment in the company, references must be considered if the proposed position to fill is in a different department without direct interaction with the referee and the referred employees. This is one of the cheapest sources of recruitment available to the company, so based on the judgment of the HR director there is scope for flexing this limit. Any referred employee is always put through the same selection process as other applicants so there won’t be scope for bias.


Looking at the outcome of the evaluation in this report it can be concluded that KSC has a strong recruitment policy however the policies needs to expand and be more flexible to adapt to the organizational changes for example, to include the International HR policies for recruitment given the changing nature of the organization.


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