Marketing Essay 代写 : 对零售店的市场分析

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Marketing Essay 代写:  对零售店的市场分析

Tesco is the worlds 3rd largest retailer and the UK retail sector leader. Its primary activity is based in the United Kingdom and the company is expanding into international markets, which are China, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Ireland, India, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, Slovakia, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, and the United States. The company's group sale in 2010 was £62.5 billion in which the operational profit accounted for £3.5 billion. Currently, the company finally becomes the most profitable online grocery retailer in the world, and more than half of the company's group selling space is outside the United Kingdom.
The most attractive recent news about Tesco is its new CEO, Philip Clark, succeed Sir Terry as the retail giant's boss on 2 March 2011. Within the same week, two pieces of news about Tesco's further pushing forward in Southeast China and northern California were also announced respectively, which might lead to investors' guess about whether this new boss, who was Tesco's head of international and IT business, will take a more aggressive strategy for its international market. As we can see from the company's market performance, the future of its international expansion is still full of uncertainty. The core UK food retailing segment still keeps 30% market share, however, the sales growth rate fell to a historically low level. The Christmas sales, especially non-food sales, in UK and Europe were negatively impacted by the bad weather last winter. The expansion in US market, which is loss making, was suspended in the past year and now, as the company announced, is restarted. The company's operation and expansion is Asia seems promising, with high sales growth rates and fast new-stores-opening speed.
The company's stock underperformed the FTSE 100 Index in the past year and keeps going down from the beginning of the year. In fact, all the five retailers we choose, most of which are the world's largest, do not have satisfying stock performance recently. Bad news about the price rise from the suppliers' side came this week bringing down the whole industry's price. The current price of Tesco goes lower than our estimates and hits the bottom of the year. From January 2011, the company's price decreased by a historically 10.58%. Investors' worries about the current economic situation would be the main cause the sector's underperformance. We expect an underlying earnings growth and hence a price growth of Tesco in a long-term perspective based on our forecast. The value of company will go up with the recovery of the economy, which is the external factor, and the growing internal operational performance. Therefore, we recommend a short term hold and long term buy.

Data source: Corporate Christmas sales reportThe latest supermarket giant Tesco's 12-week total sales growth was 4.3% with the impressive double-digit growth in food segment. Giant player "Tesco" achieved positive strong performance in every business operation including food, non-food, and Tesco direct even though an unpleasant cold and wet weather especially adverse condition of snow over Christmas made things difficult not only for Tesco, but also its local crucial competitors like Sainsbury, Asda, and Morrison, Tesco's operation and management were still well managed. It is undeniably that Tesco enjoyed an increase of like-for-like (LFL) sales compared to previous year; however, the rise in sales growth was inevitably suffering from the lift of petrol prices and the rise in VAT implying negative volumes if we assume progressive food inflation, which later may impede the stores' growing space in the UK market.

Marketing Essay 代写:  对零售店的市场分析

关于Tesco最有吸引力的新消息是其新的首席执行官Philip Clark,接替特里爵士作为零售巨头的老板月2011日2。同一周内,两条新闻关于乐购的进一步推进中国东南部和加利福尼亚北部也分别宣布,这可能导致投资者猜测这是否新的老板,谁是特易购的主管国际和它的业务,将为其国际市场更积极的策略。从我们可以看到,从公司的市场表现来看,其未来的国际扩张仍然充满了不确定性。核心英国食品零售板块仍保持30%的市场份额,然而,销售增长率下降到历史最低水平。去年冬天,圣诞节的销售,特别是非食品销售,在英国和欧洲受到恶劣天气的负面影响。在美国市场的扩张,这是亏损,被暂停在过去的一年,现在,作为公司宣布,重新启动。该公司的经营和扩张是亚洲似乎有希望的,具有较高的销售增长率和快速的新开门店的开放速度。