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据邦克和雷诺兹(1997),增加对网络的高阶思想,在线学习必须生成测试行为,允许学习者有关的新信息对老年获得有意义的信息,并利用他们的元认知能力,因此,它是教育政策,不是知识,影响学习,Mayer的价值,R(2003)此外,同意该处理器的严格的属性是想把现实生活中的模型和学生的模拟,因此,根据Mayer,R,平均没有压力的学习,Mayer声称这不是处理器本身,让学生发现,但是平均的真实生活模型和模拟。计算机是提供处理能力和传递教学给学习者的媒介。 在线学习允许参与者给予时间和空间连接学生和帮助学习。解放技术允许给接触,从任何地方和任何时间一般,但学习必须用良好的教学目标值,根据Rossett(2002)在线学习有很多的承诺,但需要保证和资金,并必须完成的权利。负担是正确的资源,在线学习资源计划必须正确,以提供环和mathieux(2002)推荐在线学习必须有高的有效性,例如学生必须在工作场所的背景研究,高互动性,和高度的团队合作。


According to Bonk and Reynolds(1997), to increase the higher-order idea on the net , online learning must generate testing behavior that allow learners to connection new information to elderly obtain significant information, and utilize their met cognitive abilities, thus , it is the instructional policy ,not the knowledge , that influence the value of learning , Mayer, R. (2003) in addition , disagree that the exacting attribute of the processor are wanted to carry real-life model and simulation to the student, thus, according to Mayer, R, the average does pressure learning, Mayer claims to it is not the processor per se that make students find out, but the mean of the real-life model and simulations. The computer is just the medium that provides the dealing out ability and deliver the teaching to learner.
Online learning allow participant to give way time and space to connect the student and help learning. The liberation technique allows for give of contact, from anywhere and typically any time, but the learning have to use sound instructional aim values, According to Rossett (2002) online learning has many promise, but it takes assurance and funds, and have to be completed right. burden it right resources that online learning resources must be planned correctly ,with be provide Ring and Mathieux(2002) recommend that online learning must have high validity for example students must study in the background of the work-place ,elevated interactivity, and high teamwork.


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