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约翰斯顿和Zawawi(2004 6)声称,公共关系从业者的角色是一名技术人员和问题解决者或一个公司的经理。技术员意味着从业者提供服务,如生产出版物。至于问题解决者或管理者,这意味着从业者的角色是澄清问题和寻找解决方案。基本上公关带来的优点和效益方面的组织建立良好形象的公众代表组织应对公众建立良好的关系与组织的利益相关者,如员工、客户、以及投资者。


Tourism Queensland had post up the vacancy to newspaper and offers the job to the worldwide, candidates who interest in the job are encourage to apply. In order to get the offer, candidates might strive their hard, change their attitude to suit themselves to the requirement of the job. When Tourism Queensland do evaluative research, the way they examine the feedback is more likely to the thermostat monitors concept, either before or after the public relations effort on the affect the campaign has had. The thermostat concept explained the one-way interaction between the air and the furnace or air-conditioner. The air is the main key to determine the temperature of the furnace or air-conditioner, and similarly with the communication in asymmetric model (Sandrine, 2006).

Johnston and Zawawi (2004, 6) claimed that, the role of public relations practitioners is to be a technician and problem-solver or manager of a company. The technician means that the practitioners give services such as producing publications. As for problem-solver or manager, it means that the practitioner role is to clarify problems and look for solution. Basically PR brings advantages and benefits to the organization in terms of building good image to the publics by representing the organization to deal with the publics, build up good rapport with the organization’s stakeholders such as employees, customers, as well as the investors.