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While on teacher practice, professional courtesy is very important. If you are unable to attend work for any reason, it is important to notify the school promptly and any lateness to work should have an explanation. It is important to be dressed appropriately and maintain a neat appearance while on teaching practice to appear to be professional, and out of courtesy to senior colleagues a classroom should always be left tidy with a clean blackboard (Cohen, 2004).While most student teachers feel it is most important to be professional with colleagues, from my observations I find that it is more-so students who need a professional teacher. To be considered professional, it is important to have lessons planned, to know what textbooks are used and what sanctions are used within the school (Cohen, 2004). When a teacher is not organised and is only working ‘on-the-spot’, it is the student who will know and suffer from this. A professional teacher will know what punishment is correct for different levels of incorrect behaviour. I think that a student teacher shouldn’t shy away from punishment as students will take advantage of this and they will not consider it professional teacher behaviour.


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