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为了让老师正确地教学生,教师必须把自己所有的知识更新,这要归功于2008以来在厄瓜多尔所进行的持续不断的训练。另一种培养合格教师的方法是定期进行测试,要求教师定期学习,以确保他们的知识得到更新。定期测试的一个例子是在马来西亚对教师所作的评价,“在沙巴的各个地区,共有1022名英语教师正在接受剑桥分班考试。教育局长Datuk Jame Alip(PIC)星期三说,该课程的目的是提高他们的英语技巧和教学方法”(马来西亚新德里)。另一种方式来培训教师,是让他们有机会获得第四级冠军,像芬兰。在拉丁美洲国家Â教师必须有机会进步和提高他们的教育能力,他们的知识,从而提高自一个国家的教育不是只有通过投资教育机构的基础设施,但在教育的一个重要组成部分,投资是提高一个国家整体的教育,这一部分是教师们,让他们有机会成为他们的主题学习,促使教师能够很容易解释一个主题,从而促进素质教育。


In order for a teacher to teach his students correctly, the teacher must have all his knowledge updated and this is achieved thanks to continuous training as has been done in Ecuador since 2008. Another way to keep trained teachers is through periodic tests that require teachers to study regularly to ensure that their knowledge is updated. An example of periodic test is the evaluations made in Malaysia to teachers, “A total of 1,022 English teachers are now undergoing the Cambridge Placement Test (CPT) in their respective districts in Sabah. Education Director Datuk Jame Alip (pic) said on Wednesday the course is aimed to improve their English skills and teaching pedagogy methods” (Malaysia, n.d.).Another way to train teachers is to give them the opportunity to get fourth-level titles like in Finland. Teachers in Latin American countries  must have opportunities to progress and increase their knowledge to improve their educational capacities and thus improve the overall education of a nation since the education of a country does not improve only by investing in the infrastructure of educational institutions But that investment in one of the most important parts of education prevails, this part is the teachers who, by giving them the opportunity to become learned in their subject matter, is contributing to the teachers being able to explain very easily one Theme and thus contribute to quality education.


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