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歌手和音乐家的天性影响着作家一生中的每一个决定。首先,每个歌手的演唱风格和个性对作家产生了不同的影响。铁娘子的重金属歌曲增加了作家的侵略水平。它的情况更加积极玛嘉处理。而迈克尔·杰克逊打破规则和实现自由的动机是通过她的行为和作家所采取的行动来实现的。这是通过比如作家穿着牛仔外套和迈克尔·杰克逊的徽章,尽管它被禁止(131来)。基姆受怀尔德影响的Marji最相比其他歌手。在困难的气氛,伊朗Kim Wilde的音乐是一种解脱,通过它可以表达她的情绪和玛嘉她的情绪被伊斯兰统治征服。Kim Wilde喜欢的是当她唱“我们的美国”的孩子(132莎塔碧)当她走在街上。这表明她对Kim Wilde的喜爱。这些歌手的性格表现出作家的内在个性和显示作者的全面发展,她从重金属流行音乐,这意味着从暴力到非常规的做法,改变。


The singers and the musician’s nature influence the writer in each and every decision of her life. In order to begin with, each singer’s style of singing and there personality had a different impact on writer. Iron Maiden’s heavy metal songs increased the level of aggression in the writer. It made Marjane deal with situations more aggressively. Whereas Michael Jackson’s motive of breaking the rules and achieving freedom is seen through her behaviour and the actions which writer takes. This is proved through the instance where writer wears a denim jacket and a Michael Jackson badge in spite of it being prohibited (131 Satrapi).Kim Wilde influenced Marji the most as compared to other singers. In the difficult atmosphere of Iran the music of Kim Wilde was a source of relief, through which Marjane could express her sentiments and her emotions which were subdued by the Islamic rule. The liking for Kim Wilde is proved when she sings “we’re the kids in America” (132 Satrapi) when she is walking on the streets. This shows her fondness towards the Kim Wilde. The character of these singers evinces the inner personality of the writer and shows the complete development of the writer, as she moves from heavy metal to pop music which implies a change from violence to unconventional practices.


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