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认知语法是语言开发的Ronald Langacker的认知方法,认为语言的基本单位是符号或传统的语义结构的配对与语音标签。语法包括限制这些单位如何组合来产生更大的短语,这也是语义和音位的配对。语义方面被建模为意象图式,而不是命题,由于与标签紧密结合,每一个都可以调用另一个。认知语法属于认知语言学的更广泛的运动,而认知运动又是功能传统的一部分。除了认知语法、认知语言学重要股包括建筑语法隐喻理论,共混物和精神空间的研究和各种努力开发一个概念论的语义。功能主义等主要部件中话语的语用分析,语法化的研究,并通过跨语言通用类型调查调查。当然,像“认知语言学”和“功能主义”是流体参考包含多样化的观点。学者们的观点大体上是一致的,当然不是理论上的一致性。


Cognitive grammar is a cognitive approach to language developed by Ronald Langacker, which considers the basic units of language to be symbols or conventional pairings of a semantic structure with a phonological label. Grammar consists of constraints on how these units can be combined to generate larger phrases which are also a pairing of semantics and phonology. The semantic aspects are modeled as image schemas rather than propositions, and because of the tight binding with the label, each can invoke the other.Cognitive Grammar belongs to the wider movement known as cognitive linguistics, which in turn is part of the functional tradition. Besides cognitive grammar, important strands of cognitive linguistics include construction grammar, metaphor theory, the study of blends and mental spaces, and various efforts to develop a conceptualist semantics. Among other major components of functionalism are discourse-pragmatic analyses, the study of grammaticalization, and universal-typological investigation via crosslinguistic surveys. Naturally, terms like “cognitive linguistics” and “functionalism” are fluid in reference and subsume a diverse array of views. There is at best a broad compatibility of outlook among the scholars concerned, certainly not theoretical uniformity.


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