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The forth goals of the smart school project is democratize education. The first strategies is the smart school program provide equal access to learning opportunities which we can see that in the smart school curriculum that can enable students to have holistic learning that the curriculum gives appropriate emphasis to all significant aspect of growth and all the types of human intelligence, helping students see the connection between the separate subject .plus the uses of technology as one delivery system ,examines the influence on student live, and gives students the skills they need to use technology such as internet to get more information ,Student can use all their local environment in school for enhance their learning process such as through intranet and internet.The last goal of the smart school project is increase the participation of stakeholders. This goals involve a few strategies that can be done to fulfill the goal which is to create awareness of what happens in school .All the stakeholders must know their responsibilities and give feedback so that the smart school project can be know whether it is working or not. The participation of the five groups such as school stakeholders, community stockholders will allow the exchange of experiences and ideas for smart school.


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