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谁相信科技会对他们有用的教师更有可能尝试使用IWBs。在本研究中,教师认为主要的原因是他们使用一个交互式电子白板,它提供了多种用途,使他们的功课压力较小的表示在图的右。对于一些人来说,这种技术的新颖性使他们的任务更有趣。老师给试图利用悬的原因包括它的教育使用的品种(32%的教师),减少压力(25%的教师),对教学的一种新方法(22%的教师),发展他们的技能(17%的教师)和电子白板是他们唯一可用的板(4%的教师)。 问题# 2,你使用一个交互式电子白板作为你的老师的工具的一部分,”作为一个观察感知有用性问题的方法。工具是有用的。百分之八十的教师参加观看IWBs使用作为他们的老师的一个方面,而不是作为某种剧目远离他们。大部分参与本研究的教师也认为,交互式电子白板是一个供他们使用的工具。只有5%的教师没有使用交互式电子白板作为他们老师的工具的一部分。


Teachers who believe that technology will be useful to them are more likely to make the attempt to use IWBs. In this research, teachers assert that the primary reason they use an IWB is that it offers a variety of usages and makes their lessons less stressful as represented in the diagram to the right. For some, the newness of this technique makes their task more interesting. The reasons teachers give for attempting to utilise IWBs include it’s variety of educational uses (32% of the teachers), reduction of stress (25% of the teachers), a new approach to teaching (22% of the teachers), to develop their ICT skills (17% of the teachers) and the IWB is their only available board (4% of the teachers).Question # 2, “do you use an interactive whiteboard as part of your teacher tool,” was chosen as one method of viewing the issue of perceived usefulness. A tool is useful. Eighty percent of the teachers who participated viewed the use of IWBs as one aspect of their teacher repertoire rather than as somehow distant from them. Most of the teachers involved in this research did believe that an IWB was a tool for them to use. Only 5% of the teachers did not use an IWB as part of their teacher tool.


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