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亲爱的影响在家庭的戏剧性变化的到来。作者留下了这个人物的身份是一个谜,但又提供了足够的线索指向寓言的解释。这部分故事的标题是“124大”(Ibid 177),如果我们把这解释为从第一部分题目的进展,我们很容易推断出精神的婴儿已经找到了体现在心爱的。当她发现了塞丝,她是无家可归,没有记忆,她的过去,是被排除在雨湿和颤抖。所有的线索都与出生有关,因为婴儿出生时没有记忆,而且是湿的。她很快就会以最自然的方式进入124口之家,这表明她与居民有着天然的联系。她是那个塞丝的被害儿童本来的确切年龄,她确实是让塞丝的只是她。从所有这些线索很清楚,亲爱的是体现精神塞丝死去的女儿,是同样的精神有闹鬼的房子在第一部分。她只是一个恶意的存在。在这里,然而,她是“大声”,宣布的称号。亲爱的就变成了一个苛刻的存在,在家庭中,与赛斯发现自己听命于她。两者之间的关系成为一个偏执的人。他们之间的动态机理是塞丝不想面对过去,而心爱的每一个行动和迹象都在自己过去的轴承。认识亲爱的她被谋杀的女儿精神意味着与过去的对抗,好像精神是怂恿塞丝以使得识别。但他很固执,但她莫名其妙地对屋子里的新人,她喜欢看作为一个收养的女儿,但没有更多的。这是因为如果她有着她的女儿让她不由自主地吸引到心爱的“浓浓的爱”,但她的顾虑阻止她作出正确的识别。这可能是针对这种抑制,亲爱的越来越苛刻的和恶意的,这对家庭其他成员的严重影响,丹佛和Paul D. Denver无法应对爱人的要求,她被迫离开家庭,以居住社区。Paul D也在她面前不舒服,他已经把他的住处到谷仓。尽管所有这些剧变塞丝仍然顽固拒绝承认在她心爱的真实身份,因此越来越多地面对她。


The arrival of Beloved effects a dramatic change in the household. The author leaves the identity of this character a mystery, but then again provides enough clues that point towards an allegorical interpretation. This part of the story is titled “124 was loud” (Ibid 177), and if we interpret this as a progression from the title of the first part, we easily deduce that the spirit of the baby has grown and has found embodiment in Beloved. When she is discovered by Sethe, she is homeless, without a memory of her past, and is wet and shivering from being left out in the rain. All the clues pertain to a birth, because a baby comes into the world without a memory, and is wet too. She will soon accommodate herself into the household of 124 in the most natural way, which points to the natural tie she possesses with the inhabitants. She is of the exact age that Sethe’s murdered child would have been, and indeed she reminds Sethe only of her. From all these clues it is clear that Beloved is the embodied spirit of Sethe’s dead daughter, and is the same spirit that had haunted the house in the first part. There she was merely a spiteful presence. Here, however, she is “loud”, as proclaimed in the title.Beloved soon becomes a demanding presence in the household, and Sethe finds herself at her beck and call. The relationship between the two becomes an obsessive one. The principle dynamic between them is the fact that Sethe does not want to face the past, whereas Beloved’s every act and indication has a bearing on Sethe’s own past. To recognize Beloved as the spirit of her murdered daughter would imply a confrontation with the past, and it seems as if the spirit is egging Sethe on to make this recognition. But Sethe is stubborn, and yet she is strangely drawn to the newcomer in the house, whom she likes to see as an adopted daughter, but nothing more. It is as if the “thick love” that she bears towards her daughter makes her compulsively drawn towards Beloved, but her inhibitions stop her from making the proper recognition. It is probably in response to this inhibition that Beloved turns more and more demanding and malevolent, which has a severe effect on the other members of the household, Denver and Paul D. Denver cannot cope with the demands of Beloved, and she is forced to move out of the household, and takes up residence in community. Paul D is also uncomfortable in her presence, and he has removed his lodgings into the barn. Despite all these drastic changes Sethe remains stubborn in her refusal to recognize the true identity of Beloved, and as a result is more and more obsessively drawn towards her.


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