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The most important letter between ESTJ and ENTJ preferences are E and T. It indicates that I have Extraverted and Thinking in common. My dominant function is Thinking, oriented towards the outer world. I always will introduce organisation and a logical structure into the way things are done. However organise and systematise the world also around with me. I am able to handle to make plan, use the correct procedures and make sure they are followed. The roles and responsibilities are properly defined and that the right resources or skills are available to carry them out. For an example, when I were my friends has the plan to travelled, if I will become the leaders to make the plan, I would like to use the correct procedures and make sure they are followed.According to the ESTJ personality type analysis, the dominant function is the judging on of thinking. This function include, likes making decisions on the basis of logic, using objective considerations, or is concerned with truth, principles and justice. In a team environment, the ESTJ can contribute by: working hard and efficiently to complete tasks by the deadlines set, contributing practical organisational skills, or applying relevant and realistic logical arguments (team technology, 2009).I am strong agreeing with this described, when I am encounter the problem in my studying, I would thinking base on the basic logic and making decisions. This was being more useful to help me to solve many of problems.


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