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Wallerstein的那么些时间维度的世界体系理论可用于解释最近的一系列金融危机的影响——尤其是,2008年金融危机带来的全球经济崩溃的边缘,导致大型银行违约和债务螺旋状态。周期性节奏和长期的积累的影响趋势似乎已经导致了一个危机在世界系统的开始。Wallerstein,这一点显然是说明了他在2008年金融危机的分析,提到这次的结构性趋势可能会干扰循环模式”[9]因此导致周期性运动远离平衡,直到它达到某一程度时,系统分解导致的高混乱动荡,我们的世界体系目前正在并将继续经历也许20 – 50年。艾伦·伍兹”[10]国际马克思主义倾向的主要成员,在他的文章中提到的,世界资本主义危机,“这是一个冷漠的国家危机开始了。最主要的是在现代条件下它将不可避免地通过从一个县和大陆另一个”[11]。这可能表明危机的世界体系无法继续繁殖自身,从而使它容易受到另一个系统的更换。这是由Wallerstein当他提到在他的评论中,我们可以很有信心地断言现行制度无法生存。我们无法预测新秩序将被选择来取代它,因为它将是无穷多的个人压力的结果[12]


Wallerstein’s postulations on the temporal dimensions of the world-system theory can be applied to explain the effects of the recent series of financial crises – in particular, the 2008 financial crisis which brought the global economy to the brink of collapse and resulted in major bank defaults and spiraling state debts.The accumulation of effects of cyclical rhythms and secular trends seem to have resulted in a beginning of a crisis in the world system. This point is clearly illustrated by Wallerstein where, in his analysis of the 2008 Financial Crisis, he mentioned that this time ‘the structural trends may interfere with the cyclical patterns’ [9] thus resulting in a movement away from cyclical equilibrium until it reaches a point where the system disintegrates resulting in ‘high chaotic turbulence, which our world-system is experiencing at the moment and will continue to experience for perhaps another 20-50 years.’ [10] Alan Woods, a leading member of the International Marxist Tendency, stated in his article, World Capitalism in Crisis, that, ‘It is a matter of indifference in which country the crisis begins. The main thing is that under modern conditions it will inevitably pass from one county and continent to another’ [11] . This could be an indication of a crisis where the world-system is unable to continue to reproduce itself, thus making it vulnerable to replacement by another system. This is supported by Wallerstein when he mentioned in his commentary, ‘We can assert with confidence that the present system cannot survive. What we cannot predict is which new order will be chosen to replace it, because it will be the result of an infinity of individual pressures’ [12]


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