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今天,大多数的营销人员的目标是孩子,因为孩子人口的人口统计和心理统计特征的变化。第一个学习点为孩子们关于“购买”来自家庭。家庭特征如家庭环境和父母的生活方式提高儿童的角色的影响购买决策的不同阶段,如上所述,强(1925)。大多数的孩子,当他们和父母出去购物,学习在一个特定的产品或服务是可用的,以及他们如何能达到他们。孩子学习的第二个来源在哪里买来自同行或社会群体他们通常花时间。王(1999)指出,文化价值观影响的儿童消费相关的行为。孩子学习的第三个来源在哪里买来自不同的广告和电视节目。根据乔治(2003)和kunkel et al(2004)有大问题儿童和他们的父母作为观众,因为小孩子很容易吸引到广告和促销活动的内容。


Today, most of the marketers are targeting kids because of the change in demographics and psychographics of children population. The first learning point for the children about “Where to buy” is from family. The family characteristics such as family environment and parental lifestyle enhances the impact of the role of children in the different stages of taking buying decisions, as stated by Strong (1925) as well. Most of the children, when they go out with their parents on shopping, learn where a particular product or service is available and how they can reach them. The second source of children learning about where to buy comes from peer or social group they usually spend their time. As Wang (1999) stated that cultural values influence consumption related behaviors of children. The third source of children learning about where to buy comes from different advertisements and TV programs. According to George (2003) and kunkel et al (2004) there is big problem for children and their parents as viewers because young children are easily attracted towards the content of advertisements and promotions.


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