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在最近的过去,有一个红色警报有关的方式,男孩和女孩有特殊需要的混合和教导其他孩子谁被认为是正常的(柯克,麦克唐纳德和奥沙利文,2006)。批评者认为,这可能会危及特殊需要的儿童在体育方面的权利。 这样的结果是一个时间紧迫的教学进度为体育工作者。标题9生效后,这意味着要限制或减少有特殊需要儿童的歧视以及消除性别偏见。然而,随着体育工作者面临的挑战,很明显,女孩和男孩有不同的体育教育需求。这是更如果他们是特殊需要的儿童。体育教师应寻求解决这些需求比分别把它们放在一起的其他方式。 给男孩的指示和女孩的不同吗?目前体育课程的答案是肯定的,没有。然而,有许多挑战所面临的体育教育,包括不同的反应,在女孩和那些有特殊需要。中学环境中的性别关系常常决定了体育工作者可能采用的那种教学实践。


In the recent past, there has been a red alert in relation to the manner in which boys and girls with special needs are mixed and taught with the other children who are considered to be normal (Kirk, MacDonald & O’Sullivan, 2006). Critics suggest that this may compromise the rights of the special needs children in physical education facets.The result of this has been a time-crunched teaching schedule for the physical educators. When the Title 9 came into effect, it was meant to limit or reduce discrimination of children with special needs as well as eliminate gender biasness. However, with the challenges faced by the physical educators, it is evident that girls and boys have different physical education needs. This is more so if they are special needs children. Physical educators should therefore seek ways of addressing these needs separately other than lumping them together.Does the instruction given to the boys differ from that given to the girls? The answer to this under the current physical education program is definitely, no. however, there are many challenges faced by the physical educators including varied responses among girls and those with special needs. Gender relations in the secondary school environment often dictates the kind of teaching practices that the physical educators are likely to employ.


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