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To my own observation on the three paper summary, I feel that the above-mentioned matters are really the exact concerns for students to accept the degree in higher education; otherwise, students interaction with one another outside the classroom in the context of group work, included the finding suggested that tutors effectiveness in facilitating or instilling connection between tutors and students gives individual internal realization enough qualification to students’ result. To avoid dropping out and to keep students’ retention from attrition, finances and resources are very economically supported students in good performance to commit independently in learning successfully. Sense of purpose also helps students to think largely on going on their study and achieve fruitfully at the end of each term. This idea gives creation whether how they can decide without reluctance or withdrawal because of clearly-determined goal in higher education.For other concept in achieving study from dropping out is time management, for those who come to study at university purposely may find more time or have free access to academic progress rather than coming to university without having time management or face difficulty in workload writing and submitting test on required deadline. Satisfaction is a character linked between student and community learning, student learn best when they have assistance from academic staff and get specific-regular advice from the subject they chose and they may continue to enjoy study. Implication is the data for closely-related sense of purpose, encouragement and self-regulatory attitude, where this data empower students finding the success and trying not to drop out and intentionally study to reach future career goal.


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