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另一方面,经合组织教育部长们(2000)也表示,他们同意将目标分配给终身学习的目标相当远大,并概述了实现这些目标的策略。下面讨论的第一个政策制定过程中,个别国家评估他们的立场,并建立目标,它总结了迄今为止的进步定义终身学习目标,然后它认为可能达到这些目标的成本。 彼得,吉姆(2006)指出终身学习成为国际教育政策中的关键问题。这个概念基本上包含了一个简单的信息:学习可以而且应该是终生的职业。这就提出了一个基本问题:学习的过程是否与年龄无关。就成人教育而言,许多学者都认为成年人的收入作为一种心理功能与儿童的学习基本相似。此外,我们的复杂的社会,需要学习的量远远超过什么蚂蚁的人来管理,这不仅适用于学习的内容,而且对态度的选择,模式的理解,沟通的可能性,模式的行动、生活方式等。选择成为必要性,原则上成人希望TP执行并对自己的选择负责。


In other hand, OECD Education Ministers (2000) also said that fairly ambitious in the goal that they agreed to assign to lifelong learning for all, and in outlining strategies for achieving those goal. The discussion below examines first the policy making process by which individual countries evaluate where they are standing and establish targets, it summarises the progress to date towards defining lifelong learning target, and then it considers the likely costs of reaching those targets Peter, Jim (2006) state that lifelong learning become a key issue in international education policy. The concept basically involves the simple message that learning can and should be a lifelong occupation. This poses the fundamental question of whether the processes of learning are the same irrespective of age. In relation to adult education, many scholars are researchers have claimed that adults’ earning as a psychological function is basically similar to children’s learning. In addition our complicated society, the amount one should learn far outstrips what ant person can manage, and this applies not only to the content of learning but also to the options for attitudes, modes of understanding, communication possibilities, patterns of actions, lifestyles and so on. Selection becomes a necessity, and in principle adults would like tp carry out and take responsibility for this selection themselves.


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