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On the other hand, the Descriptive Study, seeks to specify the important properties of individuals, groups, communities or other phenomenon that is under analysis (Dankhe cited in Hernández, Fernández & Baptista, 1997). These properties measure and evaluate aspects, dimensions and/or components of the phenomenon or phenomena to investigate. From a scientific point of view, Describing is to measure (Dankhe cited in Hernández, Fernández & Baptista, 1997) which means that a descriptive study selects a number of issues and measures each independently, in this way the investigated theme can be portrayed.Exploratory and Descriptive studies accurately fit with the aim of this dissertation. It is Exploratory because it examines the current problem in English language field of not having a unique and appropriate syllabus for vocational schools in Chile and also because there is little research evidence regarding this problematic, turning this dissertation into an attempt to explore it more in the near future.


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