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社区的家谱等历史事件传递给当前一代的精神。了解过去的真实历史的一种方法是使用精神。修纳人的今天,津巴布韦的Muhondoro从皇家行精神会背诵过去而其他灵仪式中现在也背诵他们的版本。这是义务因此在场的长老来分析和找出哪个版本是准确的(Lambek 2002,p 2002)。许多精神和媒介不能给整个历史但段历史因此许多精神被要求给他们的版本,编译了清晰、准确的照片过去。精神从一位老人住在一个特定的村庄里他的一生将会比别人认真对待背过去。


Historical events such as the genealogy of the community were passed on to the present generation by the spirits. One way of knowing the true history of the past was to use the spirits. Among the Shona of the present day Zimbabwe the Muhondoro that is the spirit from a royal line would recite the past during a ritual while other spirits present would also recite their version. It was the duty therefore of the elders present to analyze and find out which version is accurate (Lambek 2002, p 69). Many spirits and mediums cannot give a whole historical past but segments of history thus many spirits were required to give their versions which when compiled gave a clearer and accurate picture of the past. Spirit from an old person who has lived in a particular village his whole life would be taken seriously in reciting the past than others.


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