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另一个例子是在线汉语课程由密歇根虚拟高中提供(莫根特勒职业中学)。这门课程的目的是将中国的语言和文化介绍给中国的语言学习者,跑了一个学期,由一位合格的汉语教师授课。使用任务型语言学习课程,课程强调加强基本的沟通技巧和跨文化,全球意识和理解。在线课程需要学习和虚拟会议和设计特征的四个主要来源:电子书,一组解决问题的方案,Web会议和讨论,(纳科尔和小组写作活动,2001)。 用于虚拟学校提供学生获取知识、技能的新类型的数字技术,需要功能更有效和更高效的全球公民的性情(玫瑰,德赛,2005钟)。数字技术提供了许多潜在的方法来培养全球意识在教室里。通过灌输全球教育和技术在社会研究学习,学生能够欣赏世界各国和人民之间的相互关系。


Another example is the online Chinese Language course offered by the Michigan Virtual High School (MVHS). The course, which meant to introduce Chinese language and culture to beginning Chinese language learners, ran for a semester and was taught by a qualified Chinese-speaking instructor. Using a task-based language-learning curriculum, the course emphasized on enhancing basic communication skills and cross-cultural, global awareness and understanding. The online course required self-study and virtual meetings and was designed to feature four main resources: an e-textbook, a group problem-solving project, Web conferencing and discussion, and a group writing activity (NACOL, 2001).Digital technologies used in virtual schools offer students the means to acquire new types of knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to function more effectively and become more productive global citizens (Bell-Rose & Desai, 2005). Digital technologies offer many potential ways to foster global awareness in classrooms. By infusing global education and technology in social studies learning, students are able to appreciate the interrelationships of countries and peoples worldwide.


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