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美国cultural studies代写 新国家的参与者的经验

这份报告的目的是调查一个新国家的参与者的经验。正如西悉尼大学(n.d.)指出的,适应一个新的国家和文化的过程被称为“文化冲击”。文化休克是逐渐发生的,需要时间和精力来处理和克服。然而,根据澳大利亚麦考瑞大学(Macquarie University)的研究,虽然有些人认为在一个新的国家生活和学习可能是一种令人兴奋的冒险,但也有人认为这可能会带来一系列的挑战。然而,调整的过程因人而异,它也需要个人的计划,取决于个人的环境、资源和目标。(温克尔曼,1994,第125页)。在世界各地,人们为了许多目的而改变国家,例如学习、工作和移民。虽然他们搬家或选择一个特定的地方居住的原因不同。他们选择一个国家可能是因为这个国家的和平,也可能是因为他们喜欢这个国家或它的语言。不管是什么原因,每年都有成千上万的人实现他们在一个新的国家生活的梦想。适应新环境是困难的,因为人们要处理所有的管理问题。但如果人们不想被困在“老外泡沫”中,他们需要学会适应外国的生活。特别是,研究文化上适当的行为和实施问题解决程序是有效适应的首要条件。本研究的目的是详细阐述在另一个国家的人们在个人生活中所经历、挣扎和应对的困难和影响。它还为更有效地适应一个新国家的生活提供了指导方针。然而,这项研究的局限性在于,结果只基于来自10个参与者的10个调查,而且这些来自调查的一般问题可能并不适合所有的参与者。

美国cultural studies代写 新国家的参与者的经验

The aim of this report was to investigate the experience of participants in a new country. As Western Sydney University (n.d.) indicates that the process of adjusting to a new country and culture is called ‘culture shock’. Culture shock occurs gradually and takes time and effort to process and overcome. However, according to Macquarie University (n.d.) claimed that while some people think that living and studying in a new country may be an exciting adventure, other claims that they present a range of challenges. However, the adjustment process varies in individuals, it also requires an individual plan and depends on personal circumstances, resources, and goals. (Winkelman, 1994, p. 125).All over the world, people are changing countries for many of their purposes, such as studies, working, and migration. Although they do not have the same reasons for moving or for choosing a particular place to live. They may choose a country because of its peace or perhaps because they love the country or its language. Whatever the reasons, thousands of people each year make their dreams to live in a new country come true. Adapting to a new environment is hard, with all the administration issues people have to tackle with. But if people do not want to get stuck in the expat bubble, they will need to learn to adapt to life in a foreign country. Especially, studying culturally appropriate behaviors and implementing problem-resolution procedures provides the primary for effective adaptation.The purpose of this research is to elaborate on the difficulties, effects that people are experiencing, struggling and dealing with them in another country can produce in their personal life. It also provides guidelines for adapting to life in a new country more effectively. However, the limits of this research are that the results are only based on ten surveys from only ten participants, and these general questions from the survey may not be as appropriate for all the participants as they should be.

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