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无知,恐惧,偏见和冷漠,如果不加以制止,滋生仇恨,极端主义,宿命论和狂热,这是世界弊病的根源。因此,今天的年轻人扮演着非常重要的角色,展示了强大的领导潜力、个人动力和激情和活力,使我们的社区和国家与众不同。无障碍太高,太让我们如果我们所有人尤其是年轻的一代,谁将成为未来的领导者愿意携手克服深或太宽,思考和行动起来,1world。引用一句古老的马来谚语,“人们可以一起征服所有的山峰,穿越所有的山谷”。培养青年领袖的一种方式,青年可以参加青年领袖学院[ 4 ]。青年领导学院致力于培养和培养未来青年领袖的能力。作为一名参与者,我们将有机会提高我们的领导能力,并受到马来西亚最成功的企业领袖和年轻专业人士的启发。它是真实的,青春是高度修正,但必须显示出勇气接受挑战,引导青少年正确的路径。


Ignorance, fear, prejudice and apathy, if left unchecked, are fertile ground for breeding hatred, extremism, fatalism and fanaticism, which are the root causes of the world’s ills. So, youths of today play very significant role to demonstrate strong leadership potential, personal drive, and a passion and energy for making a difference in our community and country. No obstacle is too high, too deep or too wide for us to overcome if all of us especially the young generation who will be the leaders of tomorrow willing to join hands, think and act together as 1World. By quoting an old Malay proverb that “Together, people could conquer all peaks and traverse all valleys”. One way to inculcate youth leadership, youth can participate in the youth leadership academy [4]. The Youth Leadership Academy is dedicated to nurture and to build capabilities of future young leaders. As a participant, we will have the opportunity to improve our leadership skills, and be inspired by Malaysia’s most successful corporate leaders and young professionals. It is true that, youth is highly amendable, but one must show the guts to take up the challenge to guide the youth to a correct path.


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