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The school also has written a detailed code of behaviour, which included a Mission Statement, an Anti-Bullying and Harassment policy, and a Discipline Policy. The mission statement is what the school aims to do and to provide for students and staff in the school at all times. “The school commits itself to creating an inclusive, caring and disciplined environment, promoting a respect for diversity of culture and fostering a spirit of mutual respect among students and staff.” The school hopes to provide this environment with the cooperation of the Parents and the wider community by challenging its students to achieve their full potential.In the school, I noted that bullying was specifically condemned by the Code of Behaviour. The school aimed to “create an ethos within the school to encourage students to disclose and discuss incidences of bullying behaviour”. The school created steps and procedures to deal with alleged cases of bullying. These steps are outlined in the policy but vary depending on the bully and victim. The procedures are different for ‘student to student’, ‘staff member to student’ or indeed ‘staff member to staff member’. This policy was revisited and approved by the Board of Management in May 2011.The discipline policy sets out the roles and responsibilities of staff members in relation to behaviour and describes the purpose of school rules. It defines what is considered serious misbehaviour in the school environment and disciplinary procedures. These procedures are split into 7 stages starting with ‘Reasoning with the student’ and if a compromise is not reached, it may result in Expulsion. This policy was altered and approved by Board of Management on 30th of March 2009.


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