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Graduated attributes can be defined as the reputation of a university. In UCSI University, there are nine graduate attributes, every students need to achieves those nine graduate attributes to enhanced their own competitive strength.For me, the first graduate attributes I had already owned is ethical and civic responsibility. The ability to function as responsible individuals with ethical values who is accountable to the local, national, and international community. After I already studied one and a half years in UCSI University, I never feel racist people from different country; it shows that I have achieved ethical and civic responsibility. I believe everyone is kind, even though we have different skin colors, languages, regions, races and so on.When I in my first semester of my foundation course, I had a housemate who came from Iran, she is a friendly and lovely girl. She was the elder in my unit so she always treats us as her sister. She always shared her life story for me and taught me how to overcome some life problem. She loved to share food with all members in the unit; sometime she will cook dinner for us and told me their cultures. She also taught me some technique for belly dance, it is very fun time when I feel so stressful in my studies. Although I only get along with each other for a short period, but I still miss the time we spend together.


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