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因此,教师要了解交互式电子白板与步伐,激励、参与的功能,参与和合作(Becta 2003)。但Moss Et al(2007)认为,这不足以培养学生学习。但熟悉内情的(2004)认为,电子白板为教师提供一个教自己专业的方式与中央重点上,但与丰富的媒体内容的兴奋。因此,它不会碰撞与现有的教育学实践。 Nieder Hauser和斯图达特(2001)和奥尔森(2000)通过教师发现技术的选择是基于自己的教学和学习的概念。亨尼西等(2005),克尔(1991)认为,引入新的技术,不会产生自由基的教学改变上述论点。相反,一个缓慢的进化过程中,这些新的强大的工具与现有的粒子缓慢互动。罗杰和Finlayson(2004)显示技术在科学被迫使用电脑的学生很少操纵整个课堂教学示范。


Thus the teachers understand the features of Interactive White Board those associated with pace, motivation, involvement, participation and collaboration (Becta 2003). But Moss Et al(2007) argued that this is not sufficient to develop students learning. But Hepper (2004) argued that the IWB provides teachers an opportunity to teach in their own professional way with a central focus of aboard, but with the excitement of media rich content. Thus it does not collide with existing pedagogy practice.ieder Hauser and Stoddart (2001) and Olson (2000) found the choices of technology by teachers are based on their own conception of teaching and learning. Hennessey etal (2005), Kerr (1991) accepted the above argument that introducing new technology does not produce radical pedagogical change. Instead a slow evolutionary process where these new powerful tools interact slowly with existing particles. Roger and Finlayson (2004) demonstrated that whole class teaching with technology in science forced to use computer for demonstration with little manipulation by pupils.


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