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Most people think that they can wait until they get to college to decide their career goals; however, that’s not the case for everyone. The earlier people make their career goal, the easier they can succeed. Junior high school can be considered as a sort of bridge that links between elementary and high school. Students in junior high school, they need to learn some basic math, science, geography, history and other subjects. In this way, the advantage of a preparatory with different branches of knowledge can let students get to know which subjects. They are interested in before high school. If you decided you’re major as dental hygiene when you were in junior high school, you would have paid more attention to those science classes such as chemistry, biology, and physics in order to let you have a strong foundation for the harder science classes in high school and college. As what Miss J states that “educating our children are as important as performing brain surgery, seeking justice in the courts, or running a profitable business (20).” Education is important to every child because a human being can learn the most when they are young; the younger they are, the more knowledge they can obtain in their brain in general. As dental hygiene, for instance, if a child started studying it when they were in junior high school, and they only focused on the science classes and put less attention for other subjects such as math, geography and some other general classes those have nothing to do with dental hygiene major. I understand that the education system wants children to learn as many subjects as they can when they are young in order to figure out what they really want to be in the future; but did the system think that many children are struggling with some certain subjects whom they will never be good at and will never be interested in? Why can’t the system let the children learn whatever? They have an interest instead of making them to learn something that they do not like? Keep in mind that children are our society’s hope and educating them is important.


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