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在体育教学中需要特别考虑改编。这是因为,儿童在中学有特殊需要的学习和参与率不同于那些没有。这些孩子不能和正常的学生集中在一起。因此,中学的特殊需要的学生需要一个逐案的方法,以确保他们成功的学术努力。 根据伍兹(2007),物理教育工作者面临许多问题。最明显的问题之一是过度学习的环境,以及缺乏足够的设施。这可能会影响有特殊需要的学生的学习速度。体育教师暗示有特殊需要的学生需要一个单独的设备齐全的学习环境,使他们获得大多数的设施,其条件要求。因此,让有特殊需要的男孩和女孩学习和参与那些没有任何特殊需要的学生,确实会危害他们的未来,因为他们会慢慢学习,从而降低他们成功的机会。


Adaptations will need to be given special consideration in physical education. This is because, children in secondary schools with special needs learn and participate at different rates compared to those without. These children cannot be lumped together with the normal students. Special needs students in secondary schools will thus require a case by case approach to ensure that they succeed in their academic endeavors.According to Woods (2007), physical educators face many problems. One of the most pronounced problems is overcrowded learning environments as well as lack of adequate facilities. This is likely to affect the pace of learning for the students with special needs. Physical educators insinuate that special needs students require a separate well equipped learning environment to enable them have access to most of the facilities that their condition calls for. Therefore, putting boys and girls with special needs to learn and participate with students who do not have any special needs is indeed jeopardizing their very future as they will be slow to learn and thus slim their chances of success.


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