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就像智者一样,还有其他问题一直困扰着我,让我自孩提时代起就一直在沉思。我有考试,我说我没有准备好,我很担心,我的父母总是说“karm kar fal ki icha mat kar”;这又会让我感到疑惑。你怎么能不考虑结果而做任何事、做任何业力呢?当我发现到处都写着它时,我又会感到内疚,因为克利须那神就像我父母告诉我的那样说了。我会觉得自己有问题,因为我从来没有做过没有结果的事情,即使今天,我也没有做过没有结果的事情。一直都有期望。但今天,与之相关的罪恶感已经荡然无余,奥修再次帮助我解决了这个问题。我过去觉得自己好像是个罪犯。但我没有责任,因为我的父母和周围的人就是这样相互影响的。但是Osho做到了,真的很不可思议。他说了一些非常有趣的事情。“Karmanye vadhikareste一个€¦. .他的解释一点也不把它与任何结果联系起来。在他看来,这意味着活在当下。如果一个人全神贯注地做一件事,通过全身心地投入其中,他或她将永远不会失败。就是这样。但是人们对它的理解是非常不现实和不可能的。没有目标,你怎么能做任何事?而做任何没有任何想法的事同时也是愚蠢和愚蠢的。但这是我们从各种各样的白痴和狡猾的人,或希特勒的追随者那里听到的。根据Osho的观点,误解只是为了在人们心中制造罪恶感。对那些有罪恶感的人发号施令是很容易的。希特勒也这么做了。他又在百姓中犯罪,辖制他们,任意而行。业力凹地一个€¦仅仅意味着尽全samagrata,专心,被现在这就是奥修的整个哲学的缩影。


Like wise there have been other questions too troubling me and keeping me pensive all the time since my child hood. I have my exams and say I m not well prepared, I m worried and my parents would always say “karm kar fal ki icha mat kar”; this again would leave me wondering. How can you do anything, perform any karma without thinking of the outcome at all. Finding it written everywhere would again make me feel guilty because lord Krishna had said so as my parents told me. I would feel something wrong with me as I never did anything without the outcome, and even today, I do not do anything with out the result in mind. There are expectations all the time. But today there is no guilt associated with it at all and again Osho helped me resolve this quarry of mine which earlier would never let me feel free of my guilt. I used to feel as if I was a criminal. But I was not responsible because that was how my parents and the people around had interoperated it. But the Osho does it, it’s really incredible. He says something very interesting. “Karmanye vadhikareste …..” he interprets it not by associating it with any result at all. According to him, it means being here and now completely. What so ever one does if done with full concentration and by immersing into it in ones totality, he or she would never fail. That is it. But the way people have been interpret ting it has been very unrealistic and impossible. How can you do anything without having the purpose in your mind? And doing anything without anything in mind would be foolish and stupid at the same time. But that is what we have told by all kinds of idiots and cunning people, or says the followers of Hitler. According to Osho, misinterpretation is done only with the purpose of creating guilt in the people. And it is very simple to dictate upon the people who feel guilty. Hitler also did that. He also created guilt among his people, ruled over them, and could have his way. Karma kar … That simply means doing everything with full samagrata, with full concentration, by being here and now and that is what epitomizes the whole philosophy of Osho.


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