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Time was against us and we only had less than a week left to finish the report. I feel once again that if the group was managed properly this would have not happened at all. Luckily we got a week extension from our tutor. Even though this extension was set still some members weren’t at all bother. Only if I reported or filled in a discipline form and told the tutor matters would have been addressed much properly. However this was not thought of and felt that I would the person to blame if I told off the certain members.After handing in the report on the 15th February 2010 only three members came to hand it in. Now we as a business started to get prepared for the presentation. When talking about presentations two of the members opted out. They didn’t want to present at all, I felt very angry and thought well this is what you have to accept in a business. I experienced throughout this module the real experiences and worst of being in a real life business.


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