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“每一个决定需要我们解释和评价信息。我们通常接受来自多个数据源的数据,需要屏幕,过程和解释它。数据,例如相关的决定,不是吗?决策者的知觉会回答这个问题”(Roobbins et al .,2009)



“Every decision requires us to interpret and evaluate information. We typically receive data from multiple sources and need to screen, process and interpret it. Which data, for instance are relevant to the decision and which are not? The perception of the decision maker will answer that question” (Roobbins et al., 2009)

Every individual in an organization will face a situation to make decisions, or in other words to make a choice between two or more alternatives. Top management has as well as the non-managerial staff has to make decisions. The top management is mostly involved in making decisions on behalf of the company. Those decisions will comprise of setting organizational goals, strategic plans, resource allocation etc. Middle level managers have to make decisions on staffing schedules, production schedules, recruiting etc. The non-managerial staff until the recent past had to only make decisions such as how much he or she should be committed to the job, when should he or she come to work, what kind of an effort should be placed on work etc. But in the recent past more decentralized approach on management style has become popular. So this enabled the frontline staff to make job related decisions.