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Censorship efforts are also seen on television in China, where they are used to limit foreign ideas swaying citizens. Because the news media is not privatized, but managed by the government, the government has more power than citizens and has the ability to force media stations to use only “approved” news stories rather than any criticizing China’s government (Haugen). Publishing or broadcasting on television anything that is distasteful to the Chinese government is illegal in the nation and can lead to imprisonment (Haugen). Again, these laws help protect the Chinese government more than the government’s citizens, which would have been supported by the Legalists. An example of TV censorship that occurred this month was during President Obama’s visit to China. After American officials negotiated to have the Chinese set aside live nationwide broadcast time for the president’s town hall with Chinese student, China still refused to follow their requests, and the event was shown later on TV (Scherer). This gave time for Chinese officials to edit the speech. When the president addressed the world in his inaugural and reached a line in his speech describing communism, the live broadcast in China was cut off and later versions of the speech had this part censored (Edward). Another line edited spoke to countries that imposed censorship policies to prevent criticism of their government. China might have censored such presidential comments to lessen the influence from Western values and to block out any sort of persuasion that might cause its citizens to do actions other cultures support but are unwelcome in China as they break with traditional Chinese values. This suggests China still has a hint of isolationism attitude toward other nations as it did have in the Legalist era and doesn’t want to blend in with other countries as blending in would fade away traditional principles. Censorship is used to prevent Chinese citizens from complying with other nations other than China.


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