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耶稣是神的仆人,人类不得不等待利用圣灵。他不能传扬神的国的福音掌权治疗病人,赶走魔鬼提高死之前圣灵的降临在他身上。然而他的施洗约翰的洗礼之后,这个故事是完全不同的。圣灵显然是旷野上他,让他因为某些原因敌人试图阻止他,但他不能,他从荒野回到加利利充满了力量,开始动摇了黑暗的王国与他强大的福音,直到他的名字叫据报道,四围的(路加福音4:1 – 14)。然后他继续拿撒勒,就是他长大的,被称为母马普通木匠的儿子和一个普通的木匠,(可马特。13:55 -;3月6:3),在他们的会堂里进入他大胆地宣告耶和华的灵是他和他的受膏者他解放俘虏,医治病人,传扬福音在圣灵的力量,(路加福音4:16 – 19)。耶稣知道,只有圣灵才能使他的门徒去做更大的事,并告诉他们,他去他父亲的好处。


Before Jesus went to the cross, he made an amazing statement. He told his disciples that they shall do greater works than that of his own (John 14: 12). It sounds ironic because he knew that his disciples were too weak and carnal to even understand his ministry let alone to do greater works. But if we understand the whole content of the verse, Jesus was not definitely making his statement because he believed the skill and charisma that his disciples had already possessed. This is because he said they will do greater works because he was going to his father. Obviously the descending of the Holy Spirit on the disciple’s lives was in his mind as he makes that statement. Moreover, he told them that his leaving would be for their advantage (John 16:7). That was because the Holy Spirit would only come if and only if Jesus goes to His Father.

Jesus as human servant of God had to wait for the Holy Spirit to do exploit. He couldn’t proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of God in power healing the sick, casting out demons raising the dead before the descending of the Holy Spirit up on him. After his baptism by John the Baptist however, the story was totally different. The Holy Spirit visibly came up on him and led him to the wilderness for some reason the enemy tried to stop him but he couldn’t and he returned from the wilderness to Galilee full of power and began to shake the kingdom of darkness with his powerful gospel until his name was reported to all the surrounding (Luke 4: 1-14). Then he proceeded to Nazareth, where he was brought up and was known as mare ordinary carpenter and son of an ordinary carpenter, (Matt. 13: 55-56; Mar. 6: 3); entering in their synagogue he boldly proclaimed that the Spirit of the Lord was up on him and he has anointed him to set the captive free, heal the sick, proclaim the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit, (Luke 4: 16-19). Jesus therefore knew that only the Holy Spirit can empower his disciples to do greater works and told them that he had to go to his Father for their benefit.