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The new Chilean Minister of Education announced last year the implementation of a new educational reform which comes to replace some aspects of the current renovation. Despite the government efforts to improve the school system through these modifications, the focus of the Ministry mainly remains on mainstream primary and secondary education, leaving Vocational-Technical Secondary Education (VTSE) aside. The aim of this dissertation is initially, to describe the current National Syllabus for English Language in secondary education, and afterwards to evaluate the suitability of this existing syllabus for Vocational Technical Secondary Schools. Secondly, this investigation includes essential considerations for a syllabus design, after analysing the current National Syllabus and curriculum framework in Chile. This research also describes the current English Language syllabus in Chile, in order to adapt it for Vocational Education and its different disciplines, considering accomplishing national standards in ELT when teaching and planning within a contextualized framework. This investigation is especially appealing when the Chilean ministry of education had started a new system of testing the level of English in students (included in the recent reform) the results of which will have direct effects on the teachers’ evaluations of teaching performance.


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