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Online exam is assessment generally reveal two schools of thought. Supported will often talk about the flexibility online assessment provides such that students are able to take a test anywhere and at anytime (Cann, 2005;Engelbrecht & Harding,2004) or they mention the decreased administrative and marking overheads associated with online assessments as a significant benefit(James,Mclnnis,& Devlin, 2002).online assessments tasks can also assist educators to assess a broader range of skills, provide students with different types of assessments, including once not easily achieved using traditional assessments methods, they can also provide students with benefits such as timely and information feedback on their progress, as well as teaching students news skills and ways of studying and learning (James,et al , 2002)the second group most frequently points to the difficulties associated with verifying the identity of the person taking an online test, or they express concerns about how to stop cheating and the problem with networks crashing during tests, they might also be understandably concerned with protecting the confidentiality of assessment material, wanting to be sure that assessment material is not accessed by unauthorized persons, that assessment data. including student responses and grade ,are not altered ,what is often missing in these vigorous and important discussions is an understanding of how teaching can be used to address some of the very valid concern associated with online assessments and what additional benefits it can provide if implemented appropriately.


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