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In the elementary and secondary levels, teachers are constantly trying to create lessons and activities that meet the needs of all learners. I think that at the high education level, this mindset gets lost. The majority of courses are lecture based with essays and written examinations. Because of this set up, I feel that college students loose their love of learning and attendance and participation in courses begin to drop. If a student was a visual learner in high school, he will still be a visual learner during college. The interactive whiteboard caters to all different learners because it incorporates images, sounds and stimulations. Students are able to see, hear and interact with what they are learning.Pace University needs more technology. Pace University has been looking for ways to increase their enrollment numbers, as well as retention rates. Installing and assimilating technology onto their campuses could be just one factor in accomplishing those tasks. As a former Pace University student ambassador and representative, I was constantly asked questions about the types of technology that are in the classrooms and what students are being exposed to. By having interactive SMART Boards on campus, I think these questions would be eliminated because you can physically see them. Pace University also has an entire school dedicated to Computer Science and Information Systems. I feel that by having technology seen in the classroom, will also nicely reflect the impact of that individual school on campus.


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