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While some of the people want technology to replace traditional learning altogether others might disagree. A more moderate approach to the issue in question would be that both techniques should be employed in balance because some students from backward areas do not have the pace and are not at all comfortable with technology and also because it decreases student to student and student to teacher communication up to some extent. This strategy of blending online learning with school-based instruction is often utilized to accommodate students’ diverse learning styles and to enable them to work before or after school in ways that are not possible with conventional classroom instructions. Learners respond to information differently. As a result, it is often to the teacher’s advantage to use many different formats and modes to teach the lesson. Factors which influence the use of TAL include availability of resources and time and also on the difficulty of the topic and the strength and level of the class being taught. Use of TAL also broadens the mindset by giving every kind of information in one place. Most of the instructors just teach whatever is in the book and do not go outside its scope. Some do not employ TAL techniques due to power fluctuations and also non credibility of information up to some extent.


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