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The use of multimedia in virtual schools is an effective learning tool that facilitates student engagement. Multimedia inclusion in online courses finds support in basic cognitive principles of learning. Constructivism argues that learning can only be meaningful once the learner is able to select relevant information, organize this information, and effectively makes connections between corresponding interpretations. Furthermore, active learning occurs when the learner engages in three cognitive processes: selecting relevant words for verbal processing and selecting relevant images for visual processing, organizing words into a coherent verbal model and organizing images into a coherent visual model, integrating corresponding components of the verbal and visual models. As a result, Doolittle (as cited in Hede, 2002) concludes that students have a better potential for learning from a combination of words and pictures than from words alone. The use of games and simulations when teaching online subjects allow goal-based challenges that stimulates interest and heightens students’ motivation. In addition, providing tools that enable students to collate and annotate notes promote engagement


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