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A simple random sample involves randomly selecting a number of participants from a group. A stratified random sample requires randomly selecting participants from different subsets of the population. These subsets might include characteristics such as geographic location, age, sex, race or socioeconomic status. Researchers utilize statistics to determine if the results of the study support the original hypothesis and to determine if the results are statistically significant. Statistical significance means that the results of the study are unlikely to have occurred simply by chance. The types of statistical methods you use to analyze your data depend largely on the type of data that you collected. If you are using a random sample of a larger population, you will need to utilize inferential statistics. These statistical methods make inferences about how the results related to the population at large. Because you are making inferences based upon a sample, it has to be assumed that there will be a certain margin of error The final step in conducting your psychology experiment is to communicate your results. Learn more about the structure of a psychology paper and find tips for writing each section.


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