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文件的一个最具创新性的项目,协助佛罗里达虚拟学校成功地融合社会研究与技术开发的全球意识学习布劳沃德国家公立学校推出。在AP和荣誉美国历史课程,由日本和美国学生组成的四组合作通过在线视频会议和电子邮件互动,讨论第二次世界大战和日美关系。使用日语翻译,美国学生能够与学生achiba互动,日本。其他教学内容来自大屠杀幸存者、日本战俘和亚洲研究教授。在整个过程中,学生创建多媒体演示和从事解决问题的活动。“面对面”合作使用网络视频会议,提高文化意识,促进两种文化的桥梁。 年轻,birtolo,与mcelman(2009)报道,在佛罗里达虚拟学校在线学习(FLV)提供学生认识的提高和全球问题的关切和欣赏的机会。学生们的活动范围从网上论坛,讨论艾滋病和世界饥饿,参与在线俱乐部,分享国际事务和其他社会问题的观点。2008、从FLV在线报纸新闻点击实习作为编辑珍珠世界青年的新闻,他们与世界各地的学生通过网络会议在创建和编辑新闻工作人员。


NACOL (2001) documents one of the most innovative projects launched by Broward Country Public Schools with the assistance of the Florida Virtual School that successfully fused social studies learning with technology to develop global awareness. In an AP and Honors American History Course, four groups composed of Japanese and American students collaborated through online video conferencing and email interaction to discuss World War II and Japan-US relations. Using a Japanese interpreter, American students were able to interact with students from Achiba, Japan. Other instructional content came from a Holocaust survivor, Japanese camp prisoner and a professor of Asian Studies. Throughout the course, students created multimedia presentations and engaged in problem-solving activities. “Face-to-face” collaboration using Web video conferencing enabled heightened cultural awareness and promoted the bridging of two cultures.Young, Birtolo, & McElman (2009) reports how online learning in the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) provides opportunities for students’ increased awareness and appreciation of global issues and concerns. Students are given activities ranging from online forums to discuss AIDS and world hunger, to participation in online clubs that share perspectives on international affairs and other social issues. In 2008, staff from FLVS’ online newspaper News in a Click interned as editors for PEARL World Youth News where they collaborated with students all over the world through Web conferencing in creating and editing the newspaper.


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