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传统教育一般依靠客观主义认识论,这一观点假定知识可以从教师转移到学生通过教学和实践,可以发现,“真实”事实的积累(凯利,1970)。教学支撑这种哲学不鼓励不同的理解和看法,无视个人的不同的背景/经验,认为学生是知识的被动接受者。虽然说教的,提供信息技术可能会适合一些学习方式和在某些情况下,它继续作为一个占主导地位的教学方法扼杀识别不同的学习偏好。在这种背景下强调teacher-control student-compliance,相比之下,一个承认成人学习者带来他们自己的特殊的学习特点任何学习情况导致有效的教育工作者认识到这些特点在规划和提供学习。


Conventional education has commonly relied upon an objectivist epistemology, this view presumes that knowledge can be transferred from tutor to student via instruction and practice, and that ‘true reality’ can be discovered by the amassing of facts (Kelly, 1970). Teaching underpinned by this philosophy discourages diverse understandings and views, disregards the different contexts/experiences of the individual, and considers students to be the passive receivers of knowledge. Although the didactic, information-giving technique may be appropriate for some learning styles and in some contexts, its continuation as a dominant pedagogy has stifled recognition of diverse learning preferences. In this context emphasis is placed on teacher-control and student-compliance, in contrast, an acknowledgement that adult learners bring their own particular learning characteristics to any learning situation leads effective educators to recognise these characteristics when planning and delivering learning.


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