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为了回答我们的研究问题,我们发放了一份调查问卷,它涵盖了学生的背景,使调查结果尽可能精确。从第1题到第5章,我们要求答辩人的背景或关于他们的一般信息,例如教员,财务来源和其他相关的信息。学生背景的发现可以帮助学生了解学生的背景。如果在MMU的学生中发现了不同的模式,我们可以得出这样的结论:MMU有不同背景的学生,而不仅仅是来自社会的一个类型/群体。第A节、B节和C节的问题在于时间线前后。原因是有兴趣在多媒体大学学习的学生有不同的理由选择MMU来继续他们的高等教育。在MMU的学习中,一些学生对学习的影响比较大,在MMU的学习过程中可能会有更多的关注。这个结果将有助于突出MMU Cyberjaya从其他大学获得的真正优势,从而回答我们的研究问题。通过在时间线前后找到吸引学生到MMU Cyberjaya的优势,可以提高学生的理解力,并从MMU学生自己那里找到更有效的数据。从这一调查结果来看,MMU可以在其推广中更多地强调这一特定类别,这将提高MMU的推广效果。


To answer our research questions we handed out questionnaire that covers students’ background to make findings as somewhat precise as possible. From question 1 to 5 that is located in chapter A, we ask for the respondent background or general information about them, such as faculty, source of finance and other that are related. Findings of the student background would help to see the pattern in student’s background. If when various pattern found in student of MMU, we could conclude that MMU have student with various background and not just from a type/group in the society.Question in section A, section B, and section C consist in, before, during and after timeline. The reason is students that interested in studying at Multimedia University Cyberjaya have different reasons in choosing MMU as place to continue their higher learning. Where some students concern in after affect of studying in MMU, and some maybe concern more in during studying in MMU. The result will help highlight the real advantages MMU Cyberjaya have from other universities, thus answering our research question.With finding the advantages that attract student to MMU Cyberjaya within the before, during and after timeline, it could improve the understanding and find the more valid data from the MMU student themselves. Where from this findings MMU could emphasize more on this selected categories in their promotions, this would increase the effectiveness of promotion of MMU.


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