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电子学习研究生医学教育中发挥着重要作用。在英国许多parish)设置电子学习门户网站,造福研究生学员。硬化2006建议学习最重要的一个交付研究生医学教育的发展。在外科训练许多手在课程利用在线学习方法来提高面对面的学习。类型的电子学习资源的基本电子学习资源包括纸质、幻灯片演示的讲座和电子公告栏。这些方法是一种沟通。Bilham 2005认为,电子学习使用这些方法在很大程度上是基于知识传播模型从老师到学生在传统的教育体系。新技术的兴起将万维网从严格的信息目标成一个平台,不仅读或看媒体,但实际做的事情(马丁和帕克2008)。这使得在医学教育领域的创新方法可能包括集团项目,虚拟病人和虚拟诊所。这鼓励互动学习。


E-learning plays an important role in Postgraduate Medical Education. Many Deaneries across the United Kingdom has setup e-learning portals for the benefit of postgraduate trainees. Harden 2006 suggested that e-learning will be one of the most important developments in the delivery of postgraduate medical education. In surgical training many hands on courses utilise e-learning methods to enhance face-to-face learning.Types of e-learning resources The basic e-learning resources include e-textbooks, power point presentations of lectures and electronic notice boards. The communication in these methods is one way. Bilham 2005 argues that much of e-learning using these methods was based upon a model of knowledge transmission from the teacher to student as in the traditional education system. The rise of new technologies has turned the World Wide Web from strictly an information destination into a platform, not only to read or watch media, but to actually do things (Martin and Parker 2008). This has made innovative approaches possible in the field of medical education including group projects, virtual patients and virtual clinics. This encourages interactive learning.


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